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Despite advances in treatment and a proliferation of rehab facilities, drug addiction in New Jersey continues to be a serious problem, greatly reducing the quality of life for countless individuals, families, and communities everywhere. Making the challenge even greater is the fact that along with a wide variety of illicit substances such as cocaine, crack, heroin and methamphetamines, the rate of prescription drug abuse and addiction has skyrocketed. In fact, authorities claim that the national rate of prescription drug abuse outpaces the use of cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens combined. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2010 more than 7000 NJ residents were admitted to certified rehab programs because of prescription painkiller abuse, an increase of nearly 2,000 from the previous year.

Because of the scope of the problem and the number of illicit and prescription substances involved, drug rehab clinics must constantly stay on top of the latest trends in addiction treatment modalities. They must also incorporate a flexible, proactive approach to their programs while creating a supportive therapeutic environment that encourages clients to remain in recovery for the long run. When selecting a drug rehab program, steer away from those that claim unrealistic high recovery rates. The ideal facility should offer a wide variety of addiction treatment programs that meet individual needs, including inpatient, residential and outpatient services. Staff members should include experienced clinicians specializing in addiction treatment, on-site medical practitioners and a strong commitment to continuing medical and psychological education.

Substance abuse touches millions of American lives, including the victims (clients) and their families. The good news is that many of those who seek help and make a commitment to their recovery will enjoy productive lives after completing substance abuse treatment. An effective substance abuse treatment facility must include counselors and medical practitioners who have in-depth experience working with a variety of substance abuse issues. The number of abused substances increases every year, and a proactive facility must be able to customize its treatment programs to meet this growing challenge. Most substance abuse treatment centers will assign the client to a treatment team that consists of social workers, doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. Many of the staff members are specially trained caregivers who are licensed as substance abuse counselors. Some of these counselors are also in recovery, enabling them to add a great deal of empathy to the wealth of wisdom they've gained during their training.

Today's staggering variety of heavily abused substances in New Jersey presents a formidable challenge to addiction treatment specialists. However, the key elements in addiction treatment remain the same - patients must first go through detoxification, and then be given the coping skills necessary for long-term recovery. The most successful programs complement their addiction medical specialists with psychologists, social workers, nurses and other caregivers who have years of experience working in the trenches among substances abusers from all walks of life. Addiction treatment must address every aspect of the individual's dependence, arm them with tools they need to curtail the cycle of substance abuse, and provide the psychological and social support they'll need to function in society once more. Because addiction recovery is a lifelong process, an effective program must give its patients the incentive and resources they'll need to devote their full energies toward staying healthy.

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