Heroin Drug Abuse in New Jersey

With heroin being the fast growing drug in the state, drug abuse in New Jersey is a serious health concern that deserves much attention. The drug is simple, cheap, easy to find, and very high quality pure heroin, relative to the rest of the country, can be found in New Jersey. In addition to death from overdose that heroin brings upon the body there are other devastating effects such as the low level of productivity as members of society and adverse psychological impact in the daily life in general.

Heroin is well-known to be highly addictive, and it doesn't take much of it to get hooked. In New Jersey, it is known to be the "economical drug," because of how cheap it is compared to prescription drugs and other street drugs. The reason why heroin use is growing fast in New Jersey is not only because of its accessibility, but the fact that it is in the 90% range in purity while other states such as Georgia or South Carolina fall below 40%. That's more than double the purity range. This means that individuals at first don't have to use needles to achieve the intense high; a person can just snort it and be able to receive a strong high from it. As a result, purer heroin means a greater chance of succumbing to drug addiction. The effect on the body is more striking than regular heroin, and less is needed to get the desired effect.

Studies show that users can get hooked after only their first time trying it. It binds to the receptors in the brain, inhibiting production of endorphins, and causes a euphoric rush which makes the brain demand the continuation of the drug. It becomes a vicious circle, and it's a killer drug. Heroin addiction can indeed happen to anyone, no matter where you are or what purity level it falls under.

Heroin addiction has been found to cause a rise in the homeless population, crime rates, and destruction of family ties and one’s functional life. Often, heroin addiction is just a step beyond prescription drug addiction, mostly because it's cheaper and more readily available than prescription drugs. In fact, the walk between prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction isn’t a long one. Many addicts take the liberty of selling prescription pills, and in turn, using the money to buy heroin, keeping the excess money to buy more pills and repeat the process. In New Jersey, as many other states, many start on prescription drugs, and then, when finding out that heroin is cheaper and more accessible, they switch to heroin. Prescription drugs are known to be the gateway drug to heroin.

It’s important to note the serious health consequences of heroin use. One of the common side-effects is developing difficulty in breathing (or stopping entirely). Another danger is receiving infections from dirty needles, and acquiring various blood born diseases. Heroin usage may cause the development of clogged arteries, cardiac collapse and death. The victim of heroin abuse is not the bum on the street, sleeping on a grate in the winter in New York City. Times have changed. The victim today can just as easily be the lawyer, the doctor, the house-wife, or a high school teacher or principle. Anyone can fall victim, no matter what the age, race or gender.

People addicted to heroin have the tendency to lie about their drug habit, and will often manipulate others in order gain access to more heroin. If a friend or family member confronts the problem user, and shares his or her concerns with the heroin addict, the individual may deny the problem altogether, and find ways to alter the truth or make up stories to hide their addiction. For instance, if the person has tracks on their arms, he/she will wear long sleeve shirts to hide them. Or if the person needs money to buy more heroin, he /she may lie and say they need to borrow money for a more important cause. Denial, lying and guilt-tripping are signs that the individual is need of professional help to overcome heroin addiction.

It’s important to know that New Jersey is one of the most active heroin distribution locales in the country with the highest purity levels of any heroin in the country. It is brought in from South America, then shipped from New Jersey to other states, and is cut several times on the way. As stated earlier, due to the purity of heroin in New Jersey, you can snort heroin instead of using a needle. As tolerance grows, however, addicts may switch to ‘shooting up’ to satisfy their need. Even those who say they would never use a needle eventually will. It's a course of action that is unfortunately easy to succumb to.

Wherein lays the problem for quitting heroin? Well, withdrawal isn't easy. The discomfort level is high and can sometimes lead to sudden seizures. There are alternative drugs which can be used to wean someone off heroin, but if the dosage isn't followed, the program won't work.

Please remember, before entering rehab, be mentally prepared to discuss your issues with licensed counselors and addiction specialists. If you want to help eliminate the problem, you must first see it for what it is, and never deny the truth. Choosing heroin rehabilitation is a life-changing decision and requires your full efforts and commitment to start your new life without the influence of drugs.

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