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Intervention for substance abuse is necessary when an individual addict is not in a position to find help for themselves due to their drug and alcohol abuse, and family/friends are concerned and worried about the well-being of their loved one. Most often, families seek the help of a drug rehab along with an interventionist when they feel their loved one is a danger to themselves or others, or their life has spiraled out of control.

What is an Intervention after all?

Interventions are usually carried-out in the following manner: First, the interventionist meets with the family and/or close friends without the knowledge of the individual who is struggling with an addiction (to gather background information).

Next, the interventionist will schedule a meeting with the family and the addict. Family members and loved ones usually write letters to the addict to express their feelings and concerns, and these letters are shared in the presence of the interventionist.

Interventions are used as a way of breaking through denial (which the addict experiences heavily) and to persuade them into seeking the needed help of a professional drug rehab; in such a case, rehabilitation will start by means of detoxing and by attending daily therapeutic treatment sessions with psychiatrist, psychologist and therapists.

Preparing for an Intervention

When preparing for an intervention, families and friends need to understand that their loved one cannot have any warning in regards to this meeting. As addicts are in denial, they will do everything in their power to avoid any meeting related to their substance abuse.

As you may expect, interventions are emotionally draining, yet you need to view it as a positive event. It may or may not change the life of the individual in question, forever. And this may be the family's only chance to rescue the addict from a path that will lead to a dire situation.

Getting an Intervention for an addiction at A Center for Addiction Recovery

A Center for Addiction Recovery offers interventions for drug and alcohol abuse on a need basis. We are often able to bring our clients to addiction treatment without the need of an intervention. However, if you do need an intervention, don't be discouraged and act fast. Although an intervention will require the family's time and effort to be carried out, it might be the only chance to help the struggling individual.

Statistics show over 95% success rate for getting an addict to agree to be admitted into a drug rehab for treatment on the day of the intervention, and even if they don't choose to seek treatment on the day of the intervention, most seek help soon after as they realized the pain he/she has caused to family and friends.

Concerns and Questions Regarding Intervention and Addiction Treatment

If you have any concerns or questions regarding an intervention and the treatment that follows, we are here to provide you with guidance and walk you through the addiction treatment process.

Our drug rehab center has provided addiction treatment services since 1995 and was established with the belief of addicts helping other addicts by bringing comprehensive, yet affordable treatment to heal and nurture individuals struggling with addiction.

As most individuals who are looking for addiction treatment facilities, cost comes to mind. We at A Center for Addiction Recovery accept major insurances and negotiate private pay options. Please chat online or call our admissions department for help with your individual circumstances.

We hope website can be supportive and helpful to all who access it and are experiencing the pain and devastation of drug and alcohol abuse.

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